It is vital that each and every employee is aware of the GDPR protocols and are trained to handle the data they receive within the appropriate manner.

As an employer, you can help your employees comply with the new regulation and protect against breaches by developing a comprehensive communication and training strategy. In fact, the GDPR stipulates that employers train their personnel on how to handle personal data.

You need to be sure that your employees:

  • Understand and respect the rights of data subjects
  • Be aware that some information within your organisation is classified as ‘Confidential’ and must be treated accordingly
  • Use strong passwords and safeguarding it
  • Understand how to recognise suspicious e-mails and links
  • Think twice before clicking on any suspicious links
  • Keep their workstation clear, especially with regards to sensitive information
  • Practice discretion when they are outside and discussing your organisation
  • Keep your IT equipment safe, especially when you are outside the organisation premises
  • Be aware of the limitations you set with regards internet access and usage