Right to Correction (“Rectification”) – art. 12, 16

Under Article 16 of the GDPR a data subject has the right to have incorrect or incomplete data corrected. An individual may also be able to have incomplete personal data completed – although this will depend on the purposes for the processing. This may involve providing a supplementary statement to the incomplete data.

This right has close links to the accuracy principle of the GDPR (Article 5(1)(d)). However, although you may have already taken steps to ensure that the personal data was accurate when you obtained it, this right imposes a specific obligation to reconsider the accuracy upon request.

Implement a process and the technical capabilities to:

  • vet a right to access request,
  • correct the data, and
  • confirm correction to the requester.

As this also applies to data your organisation passed on to third parties, you need a process to securely inform them of the correction.